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Can I sell my Freelance Services on Happeno?
Yes, you can! Happeno is the perfect place to sell your freelance services.
How & when do I get paid?
If you've linked your Paypal account, you'll receive your payment immediately at the time of purchase.
How many products can I list?
You can list as many products as you want. 100% free to list.
How much do you charge in fee?
We take 3% per transaction on Happeno.
Is it free to open a store on Happeno?
Yes. It's 100% free to open a store.
What’s an Happeno Store?
An Happeno Store is a complete e-commerce solution that helps you get more out of the Happeno marketplace and the thousands of buyers worldwide who shop on Happeno. You get marketing and selling tools, plus great features to create a strong store that keeps customers coming back.